About Prism Tree Care

Prism Tree Care is a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured tree care company that serves Bainbridge Island and the greater Puget Sound area.  Nick Snyder is the principal arborist on staff, he has been an ISA certified arborist since 2011 and he makes all house calls and is on site for all pruning and tree care activities. Our philosophy is to do everything we can to make trees healthier and stronger by employing many different approaches. We draw our techniques from the latest scientific research about tree care and even dabble in experimental treatments to save special case trees. Trees have evolved over millennia to withstand whatever mother nature can throw at them. The best and safest thing we can do is help every tree be healthy and strong so it lives a long and incident free life. Trees that are in good health can much more easily fight off pests, ward off environmental damage, withstand inclement weather, increase property values and they even look more beautiful too!

About Nick

My Name is Nick Snyder and I am the principal arborist and owner of Prism Tree Care and have been ISA certified since 2011.  The arc that led me to where I am today started all the way back at my childhood home.  I was born and raised in Western Washington just outside Snohomish on a small orchard. I grew up wading waist deep through salal trying to keep up with my big brothers.  I always lagged behind, looking up into the branches above wondering what worlds were up there that I was missing.  That feeling never quite left me, so when I attended the University of Washington the School of Forestry seemed like the obvious choice.  I graduated with a degree in Environmental Science and Resource Management after four years of study around the Ecology and Biology of the forests that framed my memory.  Since receiving my degree and gaining my ISA certification I have worked all around the Puget Sound area as a climbing and consulting arborist, honing my skills, always trying to find those hidden worlds tucked high above us in the branches. I truly care about the preservation of our trees.  In this fast developing part of the country it is important to be able to balance our evergreen character with the safety and well being of the community.  As an ISA certified arborist I have always tried to bridge that wild gap between the will of the trees and the peace of mind of my customers.

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